Are you organizing a high-rise move? Or for a simple passage through the window of your furniture?

Call on our lift rental service and have your furniture delivered in perfect condition, 7 days a week. We are always here to provide you with professional service. Take advantage of Optimal logistics and an UNBEATABLE quality/price ratio.

Rental Lift Brussels

Lift rental in Brussels

When the stairs are narrow and the lifts are too small or not allowed to be used, renting a furniture lift becomes an indispensable asset, saving valuable effort and time.

Lift Furniture Ixelles Uccle Woluwe

Furniture Lift 7/7

We are at your disposal 7 days a week, and at no additional cost on weekends and public holidays.

Price for the rental of Lift (furniture lift)

  • Lift + Operator

    Lift + 1 Operator Weekdays
    Per Hour
    Per Hour
    From 1st to 5th floor
    60 € 70 €
    6th floor 70 € 80 €
    7th floor 80 € 90 €
    From the 8th floor 20 euros per extra floor Request a Free Quote
  • Movers
    Movers Price 1st Hour Price / Additional Hour
    1 Mover
    30 € 30 €
    2 Movers 55 € 55 €
    3 Movers 85 € 85 €
0488 613 360 | Request a Free Quote

Should I reserve the space for the truck and/or lift?

Yes, the reservation request must be made at least 4 working days in advance, to the services of the municipality concerned, as well as the property manager.

Obstacles that can prevent the installation of the lift

Please warn us of possible obstacles for the installation of the lift (Post, Trees, Recoil...) And any other obstacle!

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